International Symposium on Research Frontiers of Physics, Earth and Space Science is to be held on Dec.17 and 18 at Toyonaka campus of Osaka University, Japan, under the auspice of Research Center for Science Systems, Japan Society for Promotion of Science. The conference covers a wide area of physics-based natural science such as elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, condensed-matter physics, space science and earth science, etc. The goal of the symposium is to give a general overview of the recent research status of physics, earth and space science from a wider perspective, with emphasis on its interdisciplinary aspect and the inter-relationship between different areas, eventually to give a prospect for future development in a broad context. During the two days of the symposium, we wish to consider with the audience where we are now and where we are going in a broad context of natural science.

Oral talks consist of about 10 invited talks, each of 50 min., which are given by distinguished researchers of international reputation. The topics of the talks are selected from various areas of physics-based natural science including elementary particle physics, space science, condensed-matter physics and earth science, etc. The talks are of general interest, not intended for experts of a specific field. The expected audience is researchers and graduate students primarily from physics, earth and space science, but participants from other fields are also highly welcome. The poster session is also planned on the second day of the symposium. Participants are encouraged to submit posters. Posters can be of a specific subject, but very importantly, need to be presented in the way that non-experts can grasp its meaning making communication between participants of different areas possible.

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