"The International Symposium on Material Sciences" was held on Nov.17 (Tue.) and 18 (Wed.), 2015, at Sigma Hall on the Toyonaka campus of Osaka University, Japan, under the auspice of Research Center for Science Systems (RCSS), Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS). The symposium covers material sciences in general, with some emphasis on condensed-matter physics but also including chemistry, engineering and earth science. The goal of the symposium is to give a general overview of the recent research status of "material sciences" from a wider perspective, and eventually to give a prospect for future development in a broad context. Scientific sessions consist of ten invited talks given by distinguished scientists from various fields, plus a poster session for general participants. During the two days of the symposium, we wish to consider with the audience the present and future of material sciences.

The symposium is open to everyone. While the registration is free, participants are requested to make an on-line registration.
The slides (pdf files) of the invited talks can be found here .

The photos of the symposium can be found here .

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