The International Conference on Frustration, Topology and Spin Textures (ICFTS) is to be held on Dec.22 and 23, 2021, in the hybrid form (onsite + online). The conference site is Kobe International Conference Center, Kobe, Japan. The conference is intended to deal with various nano-scale spin textures with nontrivial topology, e.g., skyrmions, vortices, merons, monopoles and hedgehogs etc, together with a variety of novel multiple-Q spin orderings. Emphasis will be put on "symmetric" textures induced by frustration, but "antisymmetric" spin textures are also within our scope. We are expecting around 100 participants including both onsite and online, working in this and related areas. The topics of the conference include:

* Skyrmion, meron, and skyrmion lattice
* Vortex and vortex lattice including Z2 vortex
* Monopole and hedgehog
* Exotic multiple-Q spin ordering
* Novel chirality-induced phenomena
* Novel transport phenomena including the topological Hall effect

Oral presentations consist of invited talks, both onsite and online. The online poster session for contributed presentations is also planned. While the registration is free, participants are requested to make an on-line registration in advance.

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